Memorial University of Newfoundland

B.Sc in Computer Science, Junior

GPA: 4.0
Expected Graduation: December 2019

I strongly believe that successful learning does not depend on one method or resource - I have found it extremely helpful so far to mix between formal education, heuristic self-driven learning and tech-talks/events where people in the industry share some really unique tips. With that said, you can find below the relevant courses that I have completed so far!

COMP 4780: Honours Project

Proposed an ensemble of a Random Forest and a Recurrent Neural Network, which has been observed to yield an Average Precision score x1.3 closer to a perfect classifier than the literature (PDF)

COMP 4770: Team Project

Created a Newfoundland-themed game: Need for Screech

COMP 4766: Introduction to Autonomous Robotics

COMP 4750: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

COMP 3201: Nature-Inspired Computing

Evolutionary Computing + ANNs

COMP 3202: Introduction to Machine Learning

COMP 3200: Algorithmic Techniques for AI

COMP 3301: Introduction to Visual Computing

COMP 3731: Introduction to Scientific Computing

COMP 2500: Data Analysis in Python

COMP 2005: Software Engineering

COMP 2004: Operating Systems

COMP 2003: Computer Architecture

COMP 2002: Data Structures and Algorithms

COMP 2001: OOP and Human-Computer Interaction

COMP 1002: Introduction to Logic for CS

COMP 1001: Introduction to Programming

COMP 1000: Introduction to CS