Below are some highlights of a few of the awards that I am humbled to have achieved recently
Dean of Science Book Prize 2017-2018

The Dean of Science Book Prize is awarded to a student from each of the eight departments offering undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Science. Each department forwards its nomination to the Dean of Science office, and the prizes are presented at the annual Faculty of Science Dean's Awards ceremony, held in September. The Book Prize is awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic excellence in the declared major to a student who is not graduating in the academic year of the award.

Faculty of Science Dean's List 2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017

The top achieving 10% of the Faculty of Science are named to the Faculty's Dean's List, in order to be awarded at a ceremony by the Dean.

Memorial University International Undergraduate Academic Award 2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017

This award is given to the top achieving international undergraduate students across all faculties, in the previous academic year

Winning Team at Startup Weekend NL 2017

Worked on OceanWeb: An IoT network off NL's east coast , that utilises chip-enabled buoys in order to enhance data collection and threat mitigation for off-shore oil rigs.

Winning Team at Hacking Health, St. John's 2017

Hacking Health is a global annual Hackathon, and it made its first significant visit to the city of St. John's in 2017. For 48 hours, I worked along with my team on PatientMe: A web-app that we had the honour to present to Newfoundland's Minister of Health after his invitation. PatientMe focuses on helping the public find their healthcare through smart matchmaking with available Doctors. The demo also utilized tools such as the Google Maps API and Google Translate, to allow patients to easily find and navigate to their desired doctor, while eliminating linguistic boundaries.

Memorial University Golf Tournament Scholarship 2018-2019

Awarded to ~7 Memorial University students per year, the scholarship is raised through the annual Memorial University Scholarship Golf Tournament.

Memorial University International Student Entrance Academic Scholarship

This scholarship is given to highly achieving entering International undergraduate students in light of their high school achievements and engagement